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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bee and Blossom Florist Enterprise

nama nak gah je, yuep.. itu nama kedai bunga kitorang untuk presentation ETR300 under UiTM course.. semua budak-budak diploma kena amik rasanye.. x kira course...;p

akhirnya beban yang selama ini dirasakan sudah selesai dijayakan pada hari isnin yang lepas.. 
well done pals!! hehe..

this is our logo..
The five bees represent of cooperation, hardworking and the unity among the shareholder, the commitment to our job when we receive an order and project for any ceremony and also the symbol for the completed works.

The two flowers show the symbolic of birth, growth, and connection among members, workers, and customers even for the journey of our business. We place these flowers in both side of the direction to show that we can give and deliver our best services in every degree of angles.

            Besides that, bees and flowers are important partners, they need each other. The bees need food (honey) from the flower and the flower needs to make seeds with the bees’ help. In similar situation, bees are like us and the flowers are like our potential customers.
*hehehe, cool rite?

some of a pictures for u guys..;p

great combination of 
Bee & Blossom Florist 
SaSa Donuts & Cafe 

General Executive - Ayu Fatihah Hamidah Binti Dato’ Haji Yusuff (someone's daughter)

Administrative Executive - Tengku Adib Emran Al Helmy Bin Tengku Shah Al Sidek

Operations Executive - Raden Intan Shafiqah Binti Raden Hazizul

Marketing Executive - Puteri Nurhidayatul Ain Binti Putra Haji Hamzah

Financial Executive - Nik Hadzida Atiqah Binti Nik Hadzishah

kumbang lebah dan bunga-bunga...

thumbs up for everbody..;p
u guys did a excellent job occay!

on that day jugak.. aku dapat bunga dari dowg for my up coming birthday.,.
thanks midah,sha,aien n nik.. moga hari kalian lebih ceria dan mekar seperti bunga-bunga cinta...=)

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